09 November 2009

The post in which I wimp out on saying Hi to Jeff Mangum

Maybe you've already read my many fangirlish tweets about it, but yes I stood just inches away from Jeff Mangum, aka Mr. Neutral Milk Hotel last night. It was at the Cake Shop, an itty bitty NYC venue, decked out with Christmas lights and tinsel. Athens, GA-based band Nana Grizol was performing (truly an outstanding live act, by the way). Several of Nana's members were in Neutral Milk Hotel so it's probably no surprise Jeff was there supporting his former bandmate's new projects.

I recognized him right away. In fact he was wearing this very outfit, down to the lumberjack shirt and paperboy hat. Like he was in uniform, or perhaps in costume, like a superhero: I didn't say hi. I just gawked and starred. And yes I know he's human just like everybody else and not some mythical creature, but a part of me was just so in awe to witness the corporeal flesh of a dude who crafted one of the finest life-affirming albums to quote Kanye, "OF ALL TIME". I feel bad for making my star-struck-ness so apparent. But I didn't say hi, though I saw a few people hug him (I figured they were just old friends or acquaintances). I restrained myself from screaming "Jesus Christ, I love you", which was not very hard given my acute shyness. But just thought I'd pass along word that he does very much exist and I'm glad I caught a glimpse of such humanity.

And some songs to celebrate:
Circle of Friends - Neutral Milk Hotel
Love You More Than Life - Neutral Milk Hotel


BklynChick said...

Awww.. I've done that a couple of times. I've been really close to John Darnielle a couple of times, but just kind of stood there and pretended not to look at him, because he's my lord and personal savior and my mind goes blank in his vicinity.

Greg said...

I feel your pain. Ran into John K. Samson before a Weakerthans show a few months back. Brain just straight up couldn't deal.