04 November 2009

Love the homesewn album cover too

I promised myself I would do my best not to reference Sufjan Stevens when describing Freelance Whales, but there's simply no way around it. After countless false starts writing this post I surrender. Maybe it's the banjo, or the angelic, breathy vocals or the grandiose arrangements with harmonium and glockenspiel or the occasional flourishes of electronic blips and bleeps that make such comparisons easy - or as in the case of this very blogger - lazy, but it remains apt nonetheless.

I've only heard half their debut album Weathervanes but I can already tell you there's a lot to take in. Layer upon layer of sound make for an intricate listen, but one I think will be rewarding in the long term. "Generator ^ Second Floor" however remains an immediate standout. It's the kind of shimmery orchestral folk that Suf himself excels at. It'll be sure to hold you over until the next state album is released. Wait, what do you mean that was a hoax?

Listen up!
Generator ^ Second Floor - Freelance Whales

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