11 November 2009

Nana Grizol @ The Cake Shop, NYC 11/8/09

We've been writing a lot about Nana Grizol lately, but deservedly so. I caught their set at the Cake Shop last Sunday and it reaffirmed my love for the Athen, GA indie pop collective tenfold. First off their sound expands like WHOA in the live context. The six band members practically spilled off the stage, while their two dueling drummers rev up the rhythm section for a rollicking, punk-ier effect. BUT how many punk bands have trumpet, euphonium and clarinet players, huh? Marching band instruments represent!

Oh and in addition to the music, they told some of the silliest (read: groan-worthily awesome!) jokes I've ever heard. My fave: How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Look for fresh prints! See they're comedians too! Ok, maybe Nana Grizol should stick with their day job.

Check out that set list:

And here's a song off their new album Ruth:
>Galaxies - Nana Grizol

P.S. - We spotted Jeff Mangum, aka Mr. Neutral Milk Hotel in the audience!

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