20 July 2009

You're probably sick of all these Siren Fest posts by now...

Siren Fest, for those of you non-New Yorkers is the one day a year when nearly a dozen of your favorite indie bands descend upon Coney Island for a free festival of music, gross "vbrancyy beverages" and buckets of sweat. The real draw for me this year was Frightened Rabbit, whose album latest album The Midnight Organ Fight made my top 10 of 2008. The adorable Scottish lads commanded the stage with a vigor and urgency that defied the heat. There energy was made all the more impressive considering they were wearing what looked to be pretty heavy plaid button downs. Major props for suffering for fashion! Tons of videos of their performance here. Like the girl in front of me sad, "You can't fake those accents!".

I also managed to catch the last few songs by Future of the Left (aka the dudes from the now defunct McClusky), whom the boyfriend and many others claim were the highlight of Siren Fest. From what I heard it was some pretty banging Welsh punk.

Also how endearing were Japandroids. The duo claimed they've never seen this many people in their lives. Awww, Canadians.

Oh and hey Grand Duchy, Black Francis and his wife played a neat little set as well.

I didn't stick around for The Raveonettes or Built to Spill, as I was party-pooped out. (Besides, I'm the girl that always kills the party anyway).

Oh and p.s. - the sound quality sounded slightly better this year, or at least louder anyways. Though the bands still had to compete with the ROAR of the cyclone, at least Japandroids beat it.

The Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit


Julie said...

i'm SO GLAD i bought tix to the FR show in orlando already. we're a lock for that one. i'll have to follow up on japandroids ... hope you had a great time!

Jeff said...

Makes me jealous I don't live in NY. As long as I'm afforded the opportunity to catch Frightened Rabbit and Future of the Left in other venues, though, I'll be a happy man.