30 July 2009

"Sexy ladies with high IQs"

I have my boyfriend to thank (or to blame) for exposing me to what is probably the ultimate example of a bad song by a great artist. And since I'm going through a crisis in self-confidence I'm relying on it for as a reminder of my own smart-girl-ness. So here it goes.

You know that pop music genius Brian Wilson, like the dude in the Beach Boys, right that guy. Well for one brief moment in the late 80s he decided to rap. We want to blame the cocaine and mental illness, but even that doesn't excuse the travesty of "Smart Girls". Imagine if Girl Talk decided to slice and dice every Beach Boys song, except instead of using his usual precision, he just haphazardly cuts-and-pastes them together in chaotic disarray. That description can hardly do justice to the insanity of this song, an apologetic ode in which Wilson declares his love to "sexy ladies with high IQs". And shockingly the album on which it was slated to appear, the aptly titled Sweet Insanity was rejected by Sire records. Amen for bootlegs!

Smart Girls - Brian Wilson


kat said...

well that was something else lol, thank you for the experience

Pauline said...

Oh my gosh.
That just changed my life.
I think I reacted to that with the same disbelief as when I saw the Hoff's video for "Jump In My Car."

Anonymous said...

Considering Brian Wilson wrote some of the most well crafted pop songs in the history of music, I'll let him off the hook for this one.
What about Dee Dee Ramone's rap song? Just as terrible.