22 January 2009

Like the title says: Love it! Love it!

This is totally a case of an album cover doing me in. I love how the cats and bats are totally rocking out. And those are some killer pink boots on that dinosaur.

I was hoping the music would be just as awesome as the cartoon animals. Luckily it is! Nana Grizol is band from the indie-pop heaven that is Athens, Georgia. Many members belonged to several Elephant 6 bands including Elf Power and Olivia Tremor Control, so that alone should spike your attention. Seriously I can't recommend this album enough. If you remotely enjoy lo-fi, twee melodies, with adorable brass accents and off-kilter vocals you will LOVE this stuff. Download these songs now. The cats with the trumpets implore you. Just as the title says: Love it Love it!

Everything you Ever Hoped and Worked For- Nana Grizol
Voices Echo Down the Hall - Nana Grizol


Kimberly said...

Do cartoon horn-blowing kitties make everything better? I think so.

k said...

yes! my friend gave me a copy of this album back in september, saying it was "the only band [he] saw at athens popfest that [he] liked." i love it! glad to see it's getting around. also, i'm glad to see this blog's still running!