12 January 2009

I'm a little lost...

I've been doing a lot of research on the late great Arthur Russell recently. Wikipedia describes him as a "cellist, composer, singer, and disco artist." But really he is a whole lot more than that. He dabbled in genres that range from classical to folk to the avant-garde to the aforementioned disco and sadly died of AIDS in 1992. Yet thanks to a bunch of recent re-releases, compilations and even a documentary he's had a resurgence in popularity.

I'm currently OBESSESSED, like OCD-obsessed, with "A Little Lost". It's a simple, sincere tune, one of love and longing and just wanting to kiss your sweetheart "without entertaining another thought". I defy you not to embrace its heart-wrenching melody. Oh and did I mention it's currently (finally!) ringing true for me. So do me a favor: grab the one you love, crank up the volume and kiss 'em like you'll never see them again.

A Little Lost - Arthur Russell

Oh and hey a Jens Lekman cover!

A Little Lost - Jens Lekman (Arthur Russell cover)


Dollar Billiam said...

I'm going to have to listen to this song a lot more. To be honest the first time I heard it I was getting my butt kicked in scrabble and wasn't really paying attention to the lyrics as much as I should have.

Julie said...

i can't get yousendit to work. dang it.

Kimberly V said...

Not only do you gals give me a sweet song by an artist I've never heard of, but you gave me the sweet song by Jens Lekman, too! Heart.