05 June 2008

Sail On

A much-needed vacation was in order, so this weekend my husband (yeah, sorry fellas!) is taking me on a cruise up to Victoria, British Columbia for the weekend. Here's some songs to share that set the mood:

The Beatles - Day Tripper.mp3
Jukebox the Ghost - Victoria.mp3
The National - Squalor Victoria.mp3
Danielson - Cast It the Setting Sail.mp3
Half-handed Cloud - Sailing the Veil-Boat.mp3


boyhowdy said...

I don't usually leave word of even my own collaborative efforts in others' comment spaces, but it seemed pretty timely to point out here that we've just finished up a week of songs about boats over at collab-blog Star Maker Machine. 24 songs on topic and counting; most of yours would have fit right in!

June said...

Definitely. What an interesting blog?I'd like to add you to our blogroll, if you'd do the same...