28 June 2008

Liz Phair @ Hiro Ballroom, NY 6/25/08

Tomes have been written about Exile in Guyville and its influence on women in indie rock. It's pretty much a fact, if you were born after 1970 and have a vagina this album resonates with you in some capacity. Fifteen years after its release, it still holds up as a third-wave feminist text (or whatever wave we happen to be up to). Perhaps Guyville sounded a lot more shocking back in 1993, but it is still most definitely relevant. It's an emotionally complicated listen. There is a desire for men. There is a contempt towards men. But it's all so intricately enmeshed you can't quite detect what is felt when. But then again neither can Liz. Equal parts bitterness, horniness, vulnerability and apathy, yep it's all there.

Watching the sold out crowd sing along as Liz performed the album in its entirety just reasserted just how much meaning and power these 18 songs have. Although I will admit it was just a tad creepy seeing a man who couldn't be much younger then my father mouthing the lyrics to "Flower" (you know the line about blowjobs). He also came bearing a bouquet. Apt, right? Flower, get it! EW creepy. Anyways, it was a cathartic show I'm glad I got to witness first hand. And I'll be damned if I look as good as Liz when I'm 41.

Fuck and Run - Liz Phair

Flower - Liz Phair

Ant in Alaska - Liz Phair (Bonus Track off Exile's 15th anniversary reissue)

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