08 January 2008

The Other Juno

I don't get out much, admittedly. I don't see many movies. So when people started coming to me saying, "I love Juno! You should see it!"
I was confused. "See? It?"

Far as I'd always known, Juno is a Seattle-based indie rock band. My favorite album by them, 1999's So This is the Way it Goes and Goes and Goes, features the nearly 10-minute, Phillip-Glass-esque opus, "Leave a Clean Camp and a Dead Fire."
Though the band parted amicably in the early aughts, they've recently reunited. Good news!

Juno - Leave a Clean Camp and a Dead Fire.mp3
Entire lyrics:
"You don't have to be strong
if you don't want to be free
When you turn off the alarm
and I turn on you and I
I turn turn on my disease.

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