22 January 2008

The LK on VK

If you're a regular VK reader, then you're probably familiar with our propensity to like anything Swedish. Well the land of Jens, PB&J and I'm From Barcelona has struck indie gold yet again. Lindefelt and Fredrik, a duo of Swedes known simply as The LK (short for The Love of Kevin, Colour, Chaos, and the Sound of K) craft intricate electro-pop. Their album Vs. The Snow (out stateside March 4 on The Kora Records glistens with infectious, icy melodies and eerie atmospherics.

There's also a fascinating explanation for the band's full name. Lindefelt has synaesthetia, a condition which causes physical senses to be confounded -in his specific case he hears colors. Give the album's first single "Private Life of a Cat" a spin. Who knows what you might see.

Private Life of A Cat - The LK

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