10 February 2009

Never gonna fall for...

So over the weekend I watched an enormous ammount of VH1 Classic. I was armed with a low-grade fever, and in my arms, an amazingly sweet and shockingly patient boyfriend, (sorry fellas, I'm taken). So in my sick and (love-sick state) I belted at the top of lungs to every 80s video that aired, even the ones I didn't know the words to. (You should have seen my Whitney pre-Bobbi impersonation) He just sort of shook his head at me, with a "there, there honey" smirk. You know the one.

But then this gem of a song came on...

And we full on rocked out and I took command of the "CHURCH ON TIME" back-up vocals. And if my tummy didn't ache, I'm sure there would have been plenty of dancing too.

Bonus Cover Time! (that's my favorite time of day after Pie Time!)
An somber, transformative version that's hauntingly poignant:

Modern Love - The Last Town Chorus (David Bowie cover)

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