01 February 2009


The Superbowl: we has it. Here's some songs to root on The Steelers (and whatever lame team they are playing against who will surely lose.)

This post is dedicated to and in honor of two very important people to us! One being our blog-mate Lizzie, a Pittsburgh native and mega-Steelers fan. The other being the creator of these songs, Peter Peter Hughes, aka DiskothiQ. But you probably know him as the bassist for the Mountain Goats. At this very moment, he's loading his gear aboard a cruise ship headed to Mexico to play for Ships and Dip V with the Barenaked Ladies, Sloan, The Weakerthans, and many other awesome bands. Unfortunately, as the event was booked by Canadians, who were unaware of the importance of today's date, he is going to miss the game!

So here you go, Lizzie and Peter. These are for (and, uh, by) you!

DiskothiQ - Steelers.mp3
DiskothiQ - Cardinals.mp3

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June said...

Welp, I don't think I need say anything more! :D