06 August 2008

Yet another song about Paper Planes...

Everyone's favorite 20+ member, geographically confused Swedish pop collective (ok, so the ONLY 20+ member, geographically confused Swedish pop collective) are about to release a new single off their upcoming sophomore album Who Killed Harry Houdini? out October 14th. Well we got the preview. The song's called "Paper Planes" and, get this, it's NOT an M.I.A. cover. Given that this is a band that sings about treehouses, chicken pox and stamp collecting, the subject matter shouldn't surprise you. And while it might not have gunshots for its chorus, it does have a clarinet solo and lots of shiny, happy Swedish people singing about the joys of "throwing paper planes to clear your head".

Paper Planes - I'm From Barcelona

Oh and what the heck, sure you've all heard it before but it's JUST THAT DAMN GOOD:
Paper Planes - M.I.A.

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