01 August 2008

Bon Iver @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 7/30/08

You wouldn't expect an album as stark and intimate as "For Emma, Forever Ago" to sound so intense and downright rockin' in the live context. But that's exactly how it translated. Justin Vernon's voice is often described as soulful, and rightfully so. However there's something even more powerful to it - a full-bodied intensity that quite literally enveloped the room. That's to say nothing of the pounding, thunderous percussion and electric guitar. If I had synesthesia I bet I would have seen a thick purple fog clouding the entire venue, maybe I could of felt it too. The sound was that palpable.

It's weird to think that such striking songs written in solitude in the Wisconsin woods, were now resounding among a sold-out crowd of 500+. When he asked the crowd to sing along with Part II of The Wolves ("what might have been lost") it was downright poignant. In essence they became all of ours.

The Wolves (Act I and II) - Bon Iver


Milo said...

Beautiful. Thanks for posting that, its convinced me to buy the album.

Jess said...

aw, if you liked that track, you'll definitely love the album. it's a purchase you won't regret :)